Ben Clark Update – November 5, 2015

This week was quite fruitful. The serial cables came in. They were opened up and the wires were separated and then reattached to the new pinout. This was accomplished through cutting through the wires, determining their respective pin numbers, and then cross connecting the ones that would lead to the correct pinout for our alteration of the serial panel in the glovebox. This new pinout was determined with a simple line diagram of how the pinouts would go from one connection to the next from the viscometer to the computer. This was done with end on end soldering of the wires. The final pinout was tested with a fluke digital multimeter. Then the two cables were installed in the series of connections, one externally and one inside the glovebox. The cables and positions were then subjected to the final test of HyperTerminal communication with the viscometer. The communication was successful and this shows that the adapted wiring was also a success. This means that the glovebox may once again be sealed off.


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