Wupdate #2

Correction to last week’s Wupdate: *Allison

“How did the independent study go this week, Gus?”

Well, before my meeting this week I had been confused about what exactly I was supposed to be looking for in the literature. Essentially, what I had been looking for was what we plan to publish. I couldn’t find anything because it doesn’t exist! I now realize the true task at hand. Before, I thought what I was looking for was this sort of vaguely-similar-to-what-we’re-working-on type of paper and let me tell you, it just doesn’t exist! I have modified my search methods to that of a librarian.

Fun fact: Gottfried Leibniz was a librarian.

I am now on a quest to compile information about the physical properties of the systems we’ve studied.

As a fun little side project for next week, I have decided to take density data for the new ILs. I’ll probably get to it after next Wednesday. To make sure the samples haven’t absorbed any water before they go into the glovebox, we’ll have to take some ATR spectra.

As a less fun but more important side project, I will be writing a small colloquial explanation of my research this summer to go along with a headshot (to be taken tomorrow morning) courtesy of Alex Foley. It is my understanding these will be put up in Steitz.


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