Ben Clark Update- October 27, 2015

Communication with hyperterminal was successful this week. The viscometer was able to respond to such commands as displaying the current temperature and viscosity. This means that the USB wiring is correct as was verified by Tyler over the summer. The communication program in Labview still repeats the input, but is no longer having timeout errors, with an adjustment to the program. However, since hyperterminal works, working on establishing the correct hardware through the existing serial port in the glovebox is the next step so that experiments can be ran again. Concern has arisen over the correct hardware, as looking into the Labview programs for serial communication I was unable to find or think of a way to alter the computer’s data pinout. That means that ground is the only line coming through. However with another altered db9 to 9 serial cable, this hardware issue should be able to be fixed so that the pinout for the system connecting computer to viscometer is correct. There has been many obstacles this week and they are being chipped away and solved.


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