Ben Clark- October 21st 2015

During this week there were lots of meeting and discussion with Daniel in the Stockroom and Mr. Frahm. We have come up with quite the solution for the hardware adjustments. A RS232 db9 to 9 cable has arrived today and LeRoy will be providing crimpers allowing the wires to connect without sauntering so that the cabling keeps its integrity. This is furthered by the idea to use shrink tubing around the exterior after the pinout is altered. This is particularly important as the cabling is going inside the glovebox. A LabVIEW communication program was created and used to attempt to command the viscometer. The communication was not entirely successful as the response to the command was just the repeated command. I will be meeting with Tyler Herman over reading period to view his successful communication via HyperTerminal. This week will be dedicated to establishing communication and fixing the hardware afterwards so that the glovebox may be closed and used for experiments.


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