Ben Clark – Oct 13, 2015

Through the first week the main goal was to determine the problem in the serial communication between the viscometer and the computer. Through a pinout analysis through the components, the problem was narrowed down to the 2 pin port installed in the side of the glovebox. This turned out to be a straight pathing from one side to the other and so a mirroring effect changed the corresponding pinout to fail when connected to the adapters. This idea was then tested using the known outputs of the entire wiring, with the individual outputs of the connections, and then doing a pinout diagram determined that this was the actual occurrence. Since the viscometer communicates on more than just three ports and the data is sent out and received on specific numbered pins on the viscometer a hardware correction needs to be established. Last week I met with Mr. Frahm in the Physics Department to see if the department had any parts that could be used for this project or if they had a custom kit themselves. Though the search ended up empty the needed hardware is now identified. Here is an example: A body would still be need to protect the wires. In the mean time, before ordering, the Labview program is being digested so that the function can be understood and remade properly. While parts are on the way communication will be made via a serial to usb connector to further explore the program and start testing, refining and debugging. This should be a large step in this upcoming week as the new automation program will begin its first real practical step. I look forward to the progress and challenges this week.


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