Wupdate #2

Correction to last week’s Wupdate: *Allison “How did the independent study go this week, Gus?” Well, before my meeting this week I had been confused about what exactly I was supposed to be looking for in the literature. Essentially, what I had been looking for was what we plan to publish. I couldn’t find anything … More Wupdate #2

Ben Clark Update- October 27, 2015

Communication with hyperterminal was successful this week. The viscometer was able to respond to such commands as displaying the current temperature and viscosity. This means that the USB wiring is correct as was verified by Tyler over the summer. The communication program in Labview still repeats the input, but is no longer having timeout errors, … More Ben Clark Update- October 27, 2015

Wupdate #1!

This week I did a little bit of exploration. First, imagine Alison having this gigantic stovetop. There are all sorts of things cooking — including delicious pear jam. Well if you go about 8 rows back, you’ll find the backburner. Being the curious soul that I am, I found it appropriate to give one of those pots … More Wupdate #1!