Hetcher, week of 29 Jan

Like I mentioned in my last update, the viscosity/density data collection is planned to finish soon. Three of the four C2-methylated imidazolium-based ILs have data, as do at least two of the four non-methylated. In the coming morning I will start the [C10dmim][TFSI] temperature scans, and Allison will have the [Cnmim][TFSI]’s done soon. Then we CAF! In … More Hetcher, week of 29 Jan

Week 4-Update (CVH)

I’ve spent these first few weeks working through the various articles and chapter readings that Allison has given us to review. I’ve spent a lot of time going through the primary literature again, to (a) make sure I haven’t missed anything, (b) check if any new relevant research has been published, and (c) to try … More Week 4-Update (CVH)

Hetcher, week of BREAK

#mobile update I started gathering the data this past Tuesday, starting with the viscosity and density of [C4dmim][TFSI] in the temperature range of 25-85 degrees. To confirm no historesis effect, this range was explored for both increasing and decreasing temperature. The viscosity in the higher temps may need to be retaken, though, as it was … More Hetcher, week of BREAK

Week 9 In Review

Sorry about the late posting, but things have definitely speed up the last week or so. This week we finished and submitted our abstract for the ACS national meeting, so San Fran here we come! I also took our first set of data for the 10:1 C3mPyrrTFSI LiTFSI solution using the Lovis and the density … More Week 9 In Review